"Hello, i’de like a refund on my body. Its kinda defective and really expensive"

My experience with doctors is far from a short story and not a straightforward one. I have been in and out of the doctors since I was a little girl rarely, ever getting the answers that I wanted. But it is safe to say that the last few years have been the worst especially since I have been trying to find out what I was suffering from.

I went to see my GP so many time that I should have just set up camp in the doctors. I had seen every doctor in the practice, all of them saying the same things and doing little to help. I would tell them of the pain I was in and how tired I was and without a shadow of a doubt I would be sent on my way with the same advice; Get some more exercise, sleep more and find a better work/life balance. After I had had my bought of B12 injections since previously being diagnosed with Anemia, I was simply made to feel like a lost cause. As if the injections were meant to have been some miracle cure. 

 After an unexpected trip to A&E due to really bad pains in my chest, my mum and I got talking to the doctor that I was seen by. We spoke about the pain and fatigue I had been suffering with and she was surprised to hear that I hadn’t been seen by a Rheumotoligist. She promised to send a letter to my GP to urge them to refer. All done and dusted right? Of course not. I waited ages for any sort of letter to be sent over, religiously calling the hospital and hoping that the doctor would keep to her word.

 After what felt like a lifetime and another appointment with my GP I was finally referred. Obviously, there was a long wait for an appointment but, I didn’t care. I was finally going to be seen by someone who knew what they were talking about and wouldn’t palm my pain off as if I just had a common cold.

 So the day for my appointment came and I was more excited than I should have been. I took my mum along with me as moral support and was hoping for some sort of miracle. I had an examination and the doctor checked a number of points on my body and asked me if each was painful or uncomfortable. I found that most of them were and at the time didn’t know what this meant. She later explained that there are 18 different points that they would check and if more than 12 were painful, this would suggest that I had Fibromyalgia. Now at this point I had no idea what this was and only had a leaflet to go by but, I was glad to have finally been given some sort of diagnosis after such a long time.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a happy ending as I was immediately referred back to my GP without a follow-up appointment. This led to my decision to change my medical practice as after 16 years I was tired of not being taken seriously. My new doctor has promised to help and support me throughout my condition but, he wants to do everything his own way. Over the last few months, I have been able to find out from others with the same condition about, what doctors I actually need to see in order to help me cope better. It’s sad to say but, the battle has only just begun and it seems that I will have to push more than I should have to in order to see a specialist or to get the support I need,

My story continues…..

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  1. Good Lord! I feel for you. We have to let the doctors know once in awhile they are not God and do not know everything. Yell it if you need to REFERRAL!!! Then you have to wait so long… I am there with you. ~Kim


    1. Thank You. I have recently had to lodge a complaint with my GP as referrals were not being done and i had been waiting far too long for appointments. Hopefully by doing so it will speed up the process.

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