I called my pain meds to say that they were meant to be stopping my pain. They said they liked that joke too.

Tablets, tablets and more tablets

I have enough tablets to set up my own pharmacy. Doctors seem to be handing them out like penny sweets (not that they exist anymore, unfortunately). To be honest, the tablets probably do as much good as a fizzy cola bottle.

Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I have been on two different tablets; Pregabalin and Gabapentin. Both, tablets are presumably used to treat nerve pain as they contain Neuropathic pain agents. The first tablets I was put on from the beginning were as much help as a chocolate teapot. The idea is there but, practicality isn’t.

Due to this, I was changed onto Gabapentin. These tablets came with a list of side effects as long as an English Winter and seemed to overcome the supposed benefits. From day one I suffered from hallucinations, hot sweats as if I was going through very early menopause and terrifying nightmares to only name a few.

I have unsurprisingly found no relief since taking these tablets. Although the side effects have thankfully begun to subside, there has been no decrease in the pain I have been in. I would love to tell you all that popping numerous tablets with names I had never heard of has miraculously made daily living more manageable but, I would be lying and it just isn’t the case.

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