What feels like the end is often the beginning

So the day has come for me to start my pain management residential stay at Thomas’s hospital. The program does not officially start until tomorrow morning but, I decided to move in a day early so that I could miss rush hour and wouldn’t have to get up even earlier to get here before the program starts. From today onward I plan to blog every day about my experience whilst I am here.

This post will only be a short one as apart from moving my stuff in, I don’t really have anything to update you on. Unfortunately, my room does not have a view of the Thames and Big Ben and is instead pretty close to the main road and the ambulance depo, however, it will do just fine for the next few weeks. I have briefly met another lady who is in the next room to me who is also on the program and has Fibromyalgia. I was worried that as the program is for chronic pain, there may not be another person suffering from the same condition as me but, thankfully there is 🙂                                          I am sure over the next few days me and her will find some common ground and probably spend the evenings complaining about how tired we are and how much pain we are in but, I am glad that there is someone in the same boat as myself.

My mum, dad and boyfriend helped me settle in and I cant thank them enough for their help and the support I am sure they will give me during my stay here. We all went for something to eat and spent some time in the arcade before heading back to the room for a cup of tea.

So, for now, I am going to make myself a cup of tea, watch something on Netflix and fingers crossed, get a good nights sleep to aid me for the busy day ahead.

Goodnight x

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