2018 – Just believe that good things are on their way

Since my hospital residential pain management stay in October I haven’t really had much inspiration when it has come to writing posts. All of the information and advice I have to offer I shared during my time in the hospital and have since just been keeping busy and trying my best to live without my chronic illness constantly taking centre stage.

Since October I have picked up my paint brushes again and started painting with a little help from Pinterest for inspiration, I tried yoga (tried meaning I went to a class that was not really for me) and have done my best to get out and about as much as I can. I have tried very hard not to cancel plans unless completely necessary and have rested when I have needed to without pushing myself to the breaking point. Although I did find some of the information and ways of dealing with pain at the hospital questionable, it did make quite an impact on how I now live my life. There will always be days that are difficult but, there are equally days that I can pat myself on the back and know that I have accomplished something no matter how big or small without always thinking about what I could or should have been doing.

With Christmas only 1 more sleep away it feels as if this year has gone within a blink of an eye. I started 2017 feeling pretty uncertain about my future as I was still being pushed and pulled from pillar to post, trying to figure out what the next medical step would be. Medication wasn’t helping, my energy levels were dropping and I felt like a mere shell of my past self. However, since I have now been through every possible avenue when it comes to treatment and therapy, I do feel relieved that I will not be poked and prodded by any more incompetent doctors.

I am currently on a low dose of a tablet known as Naltrexone which is an unlicensed medication that is currently being trialled for pain. I have been on it for about 4 months and have seen a few slight changes to my pain. However, I am unsure whether this is due to the medication or just my body coping with pain better. One thing I will say is that I have suffered from no side effects since taking Naltrexone which is a first for me. Every other medication I have been on has caused some pretty shit side effects whilst taking them and trying to come off them. The only downside is that due to the nature of Naltrexone, I am only allowed to be prescribed 1 months worth at a time meaning, that every month I have to call up and then travel down to Charring Cross hospital to pick them up. As much as this seems pretty straightforward, the last round of tablets took my almost 2 weeks and about 7 phone calls to get hold of them. The doctor had ‘forgotten’ to complete my prescription, I spoke to a different receptionist every time I called who promised to call me back with an update (they didn’t) and I only managed to pick them up the day after I had taken the last tablet I had. It was safe to say that I was not impressed and had considered stopping the medication to avoid the unnecessary hassle every month. I plan to give Naltrexone a few more months before I decide whether it is worth continuing on them.

I am hoping that 2018 has good things in store for me. I plan to continue progressing, get into shape, start some volunteering and to live the way a 24-year-old should. I am not usually one for new year’s resolutions as I can never stick to them but, these are things that I feel will have a positive impact on me. I will continue to update you on any new adventures, new information and of course, all things chronic illness as throughout this year the support I have had has been incredible. Thank you to everyone who has liked, commented, shared and read my posts. I am glad that I have been able to help people by writing honest and frank posts about my experiences and I would love to continue doing so.

I hope that you have a magical Christmas and that the new year brings you all the happiness in the world. I plan to eat, drink and be very merry surrounded by my loved ones and ending this year with a bang!

I would love to know what you are getting up to over the festive period ๐Ÿ™‚

See you in the New Year ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I really hope that 2018 is a better year as well! I had a terrible flare up from MS in October and the residual effects have been terrible. I hope you are feeling much better and were able to enjoy your holiday weekend@ Take care and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. Stay strong and positive sweetie!!

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    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope you are feeling better too. A flare up can knock you back for weeks, even months. I did thank you, how was yours? Thank you so much for reading ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. You are more than welcome! Yes, flare ups can knock us down for days, weeks and even months. I hope you are feeling much better now! It is crazy how horrible these flare ups can make us feel!

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