So the world is in lock down. What a strange time to be alive. No one knows what day it is, March and April seem to be disappearing although nothing seemingly interesting has happened yet the sun has been shining to get us through what feels like a never ending battle with corona. People seem to have only recently discovered the art of washing their hands (which helps combat bacteria, who knew) but, still don’t seem to understand that ‘stay at home’ means stay in the confines of your own home unless necessary. It really is crazy when you sit and think about it and trust me, there is plenty of time to do that.

I have stopped watching the news as there are only really updates on the death toll with no light shining at the end of the tunnel. Things are depressing enough without the media force feeding our desperate minds, eager for an update, with more doom and gloom. I can’t say that isolation is something new to me. Suffering with a chronic condition can lead to you feeling pretty isolated anyway. Maybe not so much in a ‘you can’t leave the house’ and ‘you have to stay 2 metres apart’ kind of way but, in a ‘I don’t leave the house much anyway’ kind of way.

These uncertain times have definetly allowed people (although kicking and screaming) to walk in the shoes of people with disabilities, who deal with this kind of situation on a full time basis. Having to find things to fill the time, ways to pay the bills and the strength to get up and have a shower. Routine sets the foundations to someone life, to give them a sense of purpose. Without it we are all wandering around not knowing what to do with ourselves and that, sadly is what many people with disabilities feel.

It is funny how this pandemic has proven that an awful lot of jobs can be done from home yet, the search for a work from home job is usually a plethora of scams, questionnaires, surveys, pyramid schemes and utter bullshit. I wonder how they are going to worm their way out of explaining that one once this all comes to an end.

Anyway I am hoping that during this time I will be inspired to write more. I have some ideas I just have to actually start putting pen to paper which is usually the hardest part.

I hope you are all doing OK and finding ways to keep yourselves occupied.

I’ll be back with a new post soon!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carolyn Austin says:

    Lovely post sweetheart and, oh so true xx


  2. authensible1357 says:

    This is so true. As we have been under stay at home orders here in Kenya as well, I have been thinking a lot about my mom who suffered a severe stroke that left her paralyzed on her left side and she stayed that way for 17 years before she passed on. It’s really eye opening.

    Thanks for the share.


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