Universal Credit – Us VS Them

In light of the recent rollout of Universal Credit, I thought I would talk a little bit about it. As I claim Universal Credit myself, I often get asked what it is and how it differs from previous benefits. Now I am no expert but, I can speak from personal experience and I have to admit…

I was not designed to make you laugh

So here we go again. Round two with the DWP. I am preparing to be thrown in the ring again. 6 months I have waited for this assessment. 6 months of dreading that letter in the post. 6 months of hoping that I will accumulate enough evidence to prove that I am unfit for work.

Governmental Hooligans

After going to the cinema to watch I, Daniel Blake by Ken Loach, I felt the need to write a little bit about the film and how I can relate to the story.

My experience with Employment & Support Allowance

In light of the government’s recent plans to cut ESA, I felt it would be important to tell my story that is the whirlwind experience of being lost within the benefits cycle. Those with long-term illnesses like my self are unable to work at no fault of our own. However, when you can not work…