I made it (so will you)

Final Day – Day 15 Just over a week later than planned but, I have finally got round to writing a blog post about my final day on the pain management program.

Day of the dead festival – Limbo

Just a short post about spending last Saturday night at the day of the dead festival. It may seem like nothing to others but, for me it was a big achievement 🙂

Life is tough my darling but so are you!

Almost a year ago now I was working 40+ hours a week running here there and everywhere to get things done and spent my days off resting for the busy days ahead. Now my life consists of numerous doctors appointments, waiting for referrals, filling in benefit forms and remembering to take tablets. I must admit…

Tough situations build strong people

Maintaining a good, healthy relationship when an invisible illness becomes the unwanted third wheel. Relationships intimate or otherwise are usually a private things that you keep quite close to your heart, locked away in its own heart shaped box. However, when it comes to having a chronic illness or knowing someone that does, you are…

Your speed dosent matter, forward is forward

Everyday is a fresh start and sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Today i felt that i took another one of those steps. I went along to a Fibromyalgia support event with my mum, dad and boyfriend which allowed me to take one positive…