2018 – Just believe that good things are on their way

Since my hospital residential pain management stay in October I haven’t really had much inspiration when it has come to writing posts. All of the information and advice I have to offer I shared during my time in hospital and have since just been keeping busy and trying my best to live without my chronic…

New year, same me

Slow down. Listen. Wonder. Wander. See the beauty and the magic. Embrace the divine wilderness of your heart and soul. You are no less than the stars and moon.

Bring back my sanity!

November has quite frankly been a pretty shit month for me. I have been battling so many different side effects as i have been stopping and starting different medications in the hope that i will get just 5 minutes of peace.

Governmental Hooligans

After going to the cinema to watch I, Daniel Blake by Ken Loach, I felt the need to write a little bit about the film and how I can relate to the story.

Fibromyalgia, Its like having a hangover only without the party

Over the last months I have found it difficult to sit and think of something to write. I have found myself on countless occasions sitting and staring blankly at the laptop, having forgot the idea that had popped into my head only moments earlier. During the month of August I have found it hard to…

As mad as the hatter, as lost as Alice ⏳

I have spent a lot of time recently feeling a bit lost… lost in my head… lost in my body… lost in life. Lost yet the clock is always ticking. There is so much going on around me that is just out of reach. My motivation dwindles from day to day and I use all…

Summer heat? What is this torture?

In the UK we are currently in the middle of a surprisingly hot summer. I know i just said UK and hot in the same sentence. Usually by this time of the year we barely reach short wearing weather and we always need a umbrella handy for when the heavens open which we have all…