Fibromyalgia UK

I came across Fibromyalgia Awareness UK shortly after I was diagnosed in February. I had done some research online about the condition as a leaflet I had been given at my appointment was the little information I had to go from. I wanted to know what may have caused it, how It could be treated and most of all, whether it was curable. As much as the vast amount of information on the internet did widen my knowledge, I wanted to find others with the same thing. This is where I came across fmauk. I got in contact with one of the group hosts to find out some information about the support groups they facilitated.

5 months later and I am so glad that I had found them.  The charity aims to support sufferers and widen the awareness of Fibromyalgia. The support groups are very relaxed and give sufferers the chance to socialise, ask questions and discuss topics with others who understand. The groups are once a month and have really made me understand Fibromyalgia better. I have met some wonderful people who are all at different stages in their illness. It is lovely to be able to talk about the condition to others without have to explain. Everyone understands, everyone is in the same boat and no one is there to judge but, to instead offer a helping hand.

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