2018 – Just believe that good things are on their way

Since my hospital residential pain management stay in October I haven’t really had much inspiration when it has come to writing posts. All of the information and advice I have to offer I shared during my time in the hospital and have since just been keeping busy and trying my best to live without my…

Real Neat Blog Award

A little while ago, fibronacci nominated me for the Real Neat blog award and I have finally gotten around to completing the questions.

I made it (so will you)

Final Day – Day 15 Just over a week later than planned but, I have finally got round to writing a blog post about my final day on the pain management program. I can’t believe I have already been out of hospital a week and have somehow managed to go out and get things done….

You may see me struggle, but you’ll never see me quit

Day 14 Thursday was our last full day, even though we finished early. I couldn’t believe that the program was almost over and couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional about the thought of saying goodbye to such a lovely group of people. We have spent the last few weeks pretty much in each other’s…